Industry bodies keen to show sensitivity to data worries

Industry bodies are to adopt the DataSeal data security standard developed to raise consumer confidence in marketers’ use of customer data.


The DataSeal certification was developed by the DMA for the DM industry but will now be taken up by ISBA, the IPA and IPM.

The initiative comes at a time of heightened sensitivity about consumer perception of use of personal data. A new ruling about behavioural targeting and consumer “opt in” is due to roll out from May.

DataSeal has been devised to allow data handlers to demonstrate that they have implemented appropriate information security measures for their business.

David Payne, consultant head of direct marketing IPA, says: “A robust consumer information security process should be to be a top priority for agencies that hold customer data. The well-publicised cases of data breaches show the consequences of not having a security process and the impact this can have on a company’s reputation and bottom line.”


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