Industry body rolls out campaign to tackle film piracy

The Industry Trust for IP Awareness (ITIPA) has kicked off a campaign with the Sun and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star Nick Moran to clamp down on film and TV piracy.

Film piracy campaign

The Connected to British Film and TV campaign encourages consumers to celebrate the UK’s film industry via advertorials in the Sun and a dedicated website, developed by digital agency Blue Barracuda.

It features a range of film industry information and interactive features including a map featuring local movie trivia.

The campaign, led by communitions agency Blue Rubicon and planned by media agency Carat, replaces the existing Piracy Is A Crime push.

Gordon Tempest-Hay, Blue Rubicon MD, said encouraging consumers to consume legal content was vital to the health of the industry.

“There is a need to shift perceptions so that consumers realise the very real and harmful effects of illegal downloading on the film and TV industry to those who work so hard behind the scenes as well as the ongoing impact copyright theft has on future funding for the industry,” he said.

The move from the ITIPA, which counts studios and retailers among its members, follows the government’s Digital Britain report which prioritised a crackdown on levels of piracy.

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