Industry bolsters guidance on DM opt-outs

A single guide for consumers to complain and block the receipt of unwanted marketing messages has been launched by telecoms watchdog Ofcom.


The online guide developed with the Ministry of Justice, Information Commissioner’s Office , Telephone Preference Service (TPS), Office of Fair Trading and Citizen’s Advice Bureau – aims to address growing public disquiet over increasing levels of unwanted marketing calls and messages.

The number of calls made to the TPS about unsolicited cold calls hit 9,803 in July, a 147% increase on the 3,958 received a year earlier, according to Ofcom data.

The guide offers advice on what action consumers can take to stop receiving unwanted messages and who they can complain to. It brings together information on live marketing calls, text messages, direct marketing faxes, email and silent calls for the first time.

All participating bodies will provide in kind marketing support to promote the guide including use of PR and social media channels.



Marketing budgets cut again

Russell Parsons

Marketing budgets have been cut for the second consecutive quarter as companies uncertain over the state of the economy keep a tight rein on spending, according to the latest Bellwether report.


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