Innocent and National Trust unveil plan bee

Innocent is partnering with National Trust for an on-pack promotion that aims to increase the bee population.

Free seeds
Free seeds: Aim to preserve the honey bee’s natural habitats

The “buy one get one bee” offer is part of a push by National Trust to help reduce the disappearance of bees in the UK.

From mid-April to July, limited edition bottles and cartons of its Lemon, Honey and Ginger smoothie will offer free bee-friendly wild flower seeds packets, enabling consumers to create new habitats for the insects.

Innocent says it hopes to help introduce over 2 million honeybees into Britain through its work. Alongside the promotion, Innocent will be providing National Trust with beehives for 40 UK sites and new beekeepers kits.

Innocent will also set up a website in May to enable consumers to watch the bees making the most out of the new hives using a live “bee cam”.

Meanwhile, Innocent has set out new plans to triple its business within two years by targeting 300,000 impulse outlets and cash and carries. It hopes the new outlets will help to add at least £50m of new sales by 2012, and will back the sales drive with a £2m marketing campaign, including a summer poster push.

Innocent will also give retailers new point-of-sale material including window posters and shelf strips, as well as £1.49 price-marked packs and discounts. Commercial director Dave Pickup is spearheading the new sales and marketing push, which also includes the This Waters range.
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