Innocent juice campaign will run despite Indian mangoes import ban

Innocent will launch an ad for its juice range that explains the Indian provenance of its mangoes as planned tomorrow despite a European Union ban on the import of mangoes from India. 


The EU has today (2 May) ordered that shipments of the fruit be suspended after consignments of the fruit became infested with fruit flies.

Innocent’s ad, which breaks tomorrow (3 May), features the story of Bedrul in India who day-by-day hand-turns the mangoes that go into one of Innocent Juices’ blends.

A spokeswoman for Innocent says: “We will still be running with our new mango ad as part of the campaign launching tomorrow. The new EU ban is only on whole mangoes.

“The mangoes that we use in our drinks are crushed in India when they’re perfectly ripe, and are imported in purée form and processed under strict safety guidelines, which means that our drinks are 100% safe to drink.”

The multiplatform campaign, developed by creative agency 101, shows the stories of the lengths Innocent Juice’s suppliers go to in order to pick and tend to the fruit that goes into the product.

The second ad tells the story of Joachim in Germany who picks only the best tasting “secret” apples from a bleeped-out location. 



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