Innocent launches children’s website

Innocent Drinks has launched a website to promote its range of children’s smoothies. The site, created for the drinks company by digital agency Albion, carries ideas for fruit recipes, animated games, “fruit facts” and other fruit-related content, all presented by the cartoon characters that appear on the line’s packaging.

Innocent marketing manager Charlotte Rawlins says: “Marketing to children is new to us, and we thought a website would be a good way to communicate with them. Albion came up with the concept of dividing the information up into bite-sized chunks rather than blocks of text, and having it presented by our brand characters.”

Rawlins says Innocent considered creating a micro-site as an offshoot of its main site, but decided that such a solution would “feel like an add-on” rather than something created specifically for children.

The characters – Bounce, Chef, ED, The Dude, Nature Girl and Specs – will interact with each other as visitors move through the site.

There will also be an in-built loyalty scheme, where users will be able to collect points by visiting particular areas and doing well in games.

Rawlins adds: “There will also be information for adults – particularly for parents on how to get children to eat more healthily.”


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