Innocent launches social recipe initiative

Innocent has partnered with social movement We Are What We Do to create a limited edition smoothie.


The drink will be placed in the “Great Recipe Archive”, which will collect together family recipes and share them on a community site so that others can make them.

The community project aims to “bring recipes to life” through the stories behind family recipes passed down through generations.

Innocent has created a peach and passion fruit smoothie, available until March, to encourage people to contribute.

The initiative is part of We Are What We Do’s ongoing campaign to encourage people from different generations to “share more, talk more, and come together more often”.

As part of this campaign, We Are What We Do created the digital initiative HistoryPin that encourages online users to share photos and stories about place in the UK on an online map.

The organisation also created the Anya Hindmarch “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” sustainable shopping bag initiative last year.


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