Innovative platforms meet expectations

I was amazed to discover that the old versus new media debate was still on having read the article "All is not as it seems in the old vs new media landscape" (MW February 1).

With all media becoming digitised, as in idTV, DAB, interactive outdoor, interactive in-store kiosks and video-on-demand (VOD), it was somewhat surprising to see "old media" being described as static, frozen in the past, somewhat in conflict with the "new media".

The real issue is that "new media" also has an ability to saturate and contribute to consumer burn-out, and even consumer-generated content would not seem as exciting, when it becomes a part (large or small) of every single campaign. So the real challenge for advertisers is not to find the optimum between the "old" and "new", but to constantly keep abreast of consumer expectations, always (pleasantly) surprising them through the use of innovative platforms and technologies.

Ozoda Muminova
Strategic planner,
Play London


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