Inside B2B: What comes after Covid?

The second episode in our B2B podcast series examines what marketers can expect in the weeks, months and year ahead, and how they should react as we head from pandemic to recession.

Back in the first episode of our B2B-focused podcast series, Inside B2B, sponsored by The Marketing Practice, lockdown was a new and unfamiliar scenario.

Inside B2B: How B2B brands are responding to ‘forced digital transformation’

As the dust settles and we move beyond the most draconian restrictions, our second episode looks beyond the pandemic to ask what’s coming next for B2B marketers in the short, medium and long term.

Host Russell Parsons is joined by Capita CMO Antonia Wade, Lenovo UK marketing director Philip Oldham and The Marketing Practice CMO David van Schaick, as the panel explores issues such as:

  • The enhanced impetus for businesses to transform digitally
  • How B2B brands can identify the right windows of opportunity to invest in marketing
  • Marketing’s responsibility to help cut organisational costs
  • Why B2B behavioural changes will be different from those of consumers
  • The need to change ways of thinking about digital and marketing plans