Inside B2B: What sales needs from marketing

The third episode of our podcast series explores how the pandemic has changed the B2B buyer’s journey, and the collaboration required between marketers and sales teams.

In the most successful B2B brands, sales and marketing go hand in hand, but at times these two functions can feel like ‘frenemies’. In 2020, their working relationship has taken on new significance, as the face-to-face aspect of the sales process has largely been replaced with video calls due to the pandemic. Marketing must now offer even greater support in qualifying and nurturing leads, and can be the difference between an effective and a failing sales operation.

The latest podcast in our B2B series, sponsored by The Marketing Practice, looks in-depth at collaboration between sales and marketing, how it has been changed by the disruption of the pandemic, and what marketers need to do make it as successful as it can be.

Hosted by Marketing Week editor-in-chief Russell Parsons, the panel includes Johannes Diebig, AVP of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in Germany and Austria; Rob Hughes, head of global marketing at Bryter; and Anna Hutton, director of communications at The Marketing Practice. Join them as they debate:

  • How to create better relationships between sales and marketing
  • What each can do for the other
  • How 2020 has changed the buying experience for customers
  • What sales now needs from marketing as a result
  • Why marketers now have a greater role in closing the deal.



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