Insiders’ view of a healthy brand

David Silver’s observation that good internal communication is a “business-critical area that too many organisations are not getting right” is, unfortunately, spot on for too many organisations in the UK (Survey reveals ‘inadequate’ state of internal marketing, MW July 3).

While millions are spent developing and promoting brands, many companies are still under-investing in communicating with the most important link in the chain: the staff.

Getting this right, however, takes careful planning and investment. We’ve found that an integrated approach to communication, training and incentives, centrally controlled but executed by managers on the ground, is very effective. Getting communication right isn’t just a matter of communicating with the right people, it’s how you communicate with them, equip them with the right skills and knowledge, and inspire and motivate them to believe in the brand.

More managers need to recognise the important role sales staff play and take steps to see that their hard-pressed marketing budgets aren’t let down in the last 100 yards by poorly informed and poorly motivated staff. Managers need to see these people less as sales staff and more as “brand ambassadors”.

Jon Derry




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