Inspiration fresh from Iceland’s outer reaches

Always eager for fresh inspiration, the Diary recently checked out Circus’ new Website, which promises to replace the usual corporate guff with one “inspiring” image.

Visitors to can even download a service called “The Inspirator”, which will automatically transmit a new concept to your screen each day.

“Websites provide a powerful new medium to express your company’s brand values,” Circus partner Tim Ashton breathlessly explains. “Our Website is about inspiration – an aim at the heart of Circus.”

The company claims the site will provide a stream of “uplifting and challenging ideas” for “clients, friends, peers, students, competitors and collaborators”.

But, judging from the site’s first images, it seems the far-from-pretentious team at Circus get their inspiration from some far-flung reaches of the imagination.

One “fascinating” caption says: “In Iceland, there are emergency huts scattered around the countryside. Each one has a box of matches with a match sticking out. Why? Imagine trying to get a single match out of the box with your fingers exposed to -30°C temperatures.”

Take it from the Diary, there are local radio DJs who would kill for this kind of material.


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