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  1. Mike Marinez 13 Oct 2015

    Living in an age where social media is a part of everyday
    life, it has often caused me to wonder why more companies are not tapping into
    more social media platforms. This is the main reason I chose to write about
    this article. The article talks about the potential Instagram has of becoming a
    billion dollar ad business. I personally check Instagram on a regular basis and
    it is one of my favorite social media sites to use. The app not only allows you
    to view photos of your friends, but it also creates a unique mixture which allows
    you to see what photos your friends and those in your area are viewing as well.
    As of right now Instagram does not have very many built in ad’s on their
    website which makes it more enjoyable in my opinion. However, I do follow multiple
    companies on Instagram to view their products and what is going on with their
    company. Instagram has a lot of potential because of how fast the company is
    growing and its popularity. Most of the purchases I make are influenced because
    of something I have seen on social media. Marketers should see this as an
    opportunity to channel in on a new market of consumers and learn how to use Instagram
    to gain new consumers. They can do this through creating a loyal Instagram following
    and encouraging already loyal customers to share their favorite products through
    hashtags, which will then allow people to connect and see the products other
    people are enjoying. I believe that Instagram is capable of having a huge
    impact on influencing consumer behavior and I look forward to seeing how the
    industry will use this platform.

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