Instagram launches new logo in a bid to unify its family of apps

Instagram has introduced a “new look”, with a redesign of its logo created in a bid to unify its family of apps (including Boomerang and Layout) into a “simpler, more consistent” design.

Although the social media giant has kept its iconic camera, it now features a more streamlined guise set to a backdrop featuring rainbow colours (see video above). It has also taken its name out of the logo.

The update also involves a unification of the brand’s family of apps, including Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse, with each now having a new minimalist shape-based logo and rainbow colouring in order to compliment the main updated Instagram glymph.

An Instagram spokesman explained: “As our family of apps has grown, it was important to make them look more consistent with Instagram and each other. This also gave us an opportunity to better represent what the apps help you create – a collage of photos, or a mini video that loops forward and backward.”

In March, Instagram announced controversial changes to its feed that would prioritise relevant posts in a move described as “misleading and complicated” by some critics. And it will be hoping the new app design will put more of a focus on simplicity.

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“Every feature Instagram launches is focused on improving user experience and informed by research,” the Instagram spokesman added. “The simpler app design puts the focus on your photos and videos, and keeps your favourite features in the same place.”

Logo shifts can be risky, with Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson calling out Uber for brand masturbation following its own recent brand changes.

However, Instagram is keen to state that it didn’t make the logo changes for the “sake of novelty” and that it felt the previous logos and designs were no longer properly reflecting the creativity of its 1.6 billion strong mobile-based community.

From today (May 11), Instagram will use the more colourful glyph on both its Android and iOS apps. The changes will also be reflected within the user interface of Instagram and its family of apps.

Instagram told Marketing Week that there are no further plans for rebranding.