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  1. Awesome!! What a great read.. This is awesome info. One of the best posts I have read on the topic by far. The company I work for has been throwing around the idea of starting a couple more company business accounts for many months now, but we could not decide if it was going to be worth the time & effort to get it started. The main concern is that my company already have around a lot of different accounts…… More than we can even keep up with sometimes. Some of what had been mentioned around the end (is the brand appealing, do we have time to manage a brand new social platform, ect..) kind of just made up my mind for me. I think we will try to find a few of the sites out there to help manage our accounts activity to better figure out what the audience we cater to is truly interested in so we can focus only on the users who would more likely interested in what our business provides instead of just going after random people who’d take no interest in our products. Thank you for the share!.

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