Insurance lacks self-confidence

George Pitcher misses the point about graduate recruitment for the insurance industry (MW May 22). The main problem with insurance recruitment is that the sector does not always communicate its requirements or benefits to potential candidates well. The insurance industry is not as incompetent as Pitcher alleges, it is simply too discreet about the success it has, while occasional problems are promoted to the point of exhaustion.

Persuading graduates that insurance is a viable career option, does not need an address of the industry’s competence or image, but simply a little more confidence in proclaiming its successes.

For instance, Hiscox Insurance seeks out graduates who are not initially interested in an insurance career, preferring to let its company ethos and culture persuade graduates interested in, for example, marketing, to come and give them a try. This strategy has placed Hiscox in the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For list. Such recognition is based on understanding the recruitment needs of the insurance industry, and developing a unique approach, not just accepting a label of “a job for losers”.

Martin Delahoyde

Operations director

Reed Insurance



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