Integration will plug spirit drain

Martin Riley’s comments in “TV Money Spirited Down the Drain”, (MW March 11) hit the nail on the head when he said that an integrated approach (by spirit companies) to marketing has been ignored.

Spirits companies should be trying to plug the drain by thinking more laterally about where and how to market their product. They would do well by taking a leaf out of the major beer brands’ marketing book.

For example, our involvement in the launch of Fostralia 2000 is part of a long-term strategy of developing multi-dimensional, brand-building promotions.

Third party involvement, sponsorship and large-scale promotions are becoming an invaluable part of the marketing mix. Integrated campaigns offer scope to broaden the effectiveness of TV advertising.

What’s more, this approach is now being followed by competitors of Foster’s such as Carling and Carlsberg.

In a fickle and promiscuous market, successful brand activity needs to cut through. Where beer companies dare to tread, it should be safe for spirits to follow.

Ian Jacob

Chief Executive

Momentum Integrated

London W2


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