Intel shuffles UK marketing team

Sean Riley, the UK marketing director of microprocessor giant Intel, has returned to his native US.

Riley, who was with Intel’s Swindon-based subsidiary for a two-year secondment, has taken up the post of business unit manager at Intel in Oregon.

He is succeeded by Henrick Hansen and Andrew Greenhalgh, who take on the role of co-directors of marketing. Both men come from Intel’s networking division.

An Intel spokeswoman says: “It’s a two-in-a-box set-up, with two people running a department, sharing the responsibilities. That is typical Intel management style.”

Greenhalgh has been with the company for ten years. His previous post was product line manager, working on Intel’s Network Interface Card.

Hansen has been with the company for three years, and was previously product marketing manager with 3Com.

Intel is best known for its Pentium range of microprocessors and is the largest microchip manufacturer in the world.

The company started doing business with customers over the Internet last July. By the end of the year it was turning over $1bn (&£606m) of e-commerce business a month.

This year, Intel is expected to generate more than half its revenue – $15bn (&£9.1bn) – over the Internet. This represents between ten and 15 per cent of the total worldwide e-commerce market.


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