Intel: ‘There are too many technology offerings for brands today, it’s distracting us’

Cannes 2015: Brands are becoming overwhelmed by amount of ad tech available to them and more needs to be done to make the process simpler and easier for marketers, according to Intel’s vice president of digital marketing and media Becky Brown.

The Onion panel at Cannes Lions 2015
The content panel at Cannes included Intel’s Becky Brown, Nicole Kane at McDonalds and Kenny Mitchell at Gatorade and was hosted by Michael McAvoy, the CEO of US site The Onion,  (left to right)

Data is a hot topic at Cannes Lions with many talks dedicated to the subject and ad tech vendors flocking to the festival, so outdoor advertising for these suppliers can be spotted from the beach to conference centre – but for Intel the amount of choice is a distraction.

In response to a question about which advertising technology tool the marketer would want to exist to make brands’ lives easier, Brown said: “I don’t want anymore tools. I have so many tools right now, I have to take a deep breath.”

“We have content management systems, CRM, data management platforms and we’re figuring out what we are going to do from a programmatic perspective and how that integrates into our tools set.”

Brown told delegates that if you look at the “lumascape”, which is a map of the infrastructure of companies that exist between suppliers and brands, for the tools available to marketers there are 2,000 on the map today, up from 900 last year.

Joining Intel on the panel was director of global media at McDonald’s Nicole Kane and Kenny Mitchell, senior director of consumer engagement at Gatorade.

On the topic of being overwhelmed by choice, Kane at McDonalds advised advertising technology suppliers to help brands by condensing the tools available to “make it easier for marketers” and “simpler for everyone to use”.

Speaking about the process of finding the right tool to help its marketing capability, Kane said: “Some [tools] work together well and some of them don’t, so you ask and enter the process with [suppliers] and then it’s too late to switch.”

Mitchell agreed and added: “There are plenty of tools but it’s our job to find the best way to deploy [them].”

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