Intelligent integrated marketing

The unprecedented surge in innovation in advertising technology over the past few months is simply exhilarating.



The core tenets of marketing remain the same – identifying consumers and guiding them through an informed purchase funnel. However, the intelligence we can apply allows us to be increasingly precise. Now let’s structure it and put it all to work.

Here we provide a roadmap for intelligent integrated marketing for your enterprise by working up the curve defined by the hallowed goals of low cost of acquisition versus more volume through:

  • Analytics
  • Intent-based channels
  • Intelligent awareness channels, and the often-overlooked
  • Feedback loop to database and other channels

Conversion analytics:

Maximum CPA reduction

Let’s work from the bottom up on the funnel for once. The highest impact in terms of the cost per acquisition (CPA) is at the flashpoint of the transaction. Analytics and multi-variate testing have been around for ever (Amazon is a poster child from now two decades ago). But they are still under-utilised. We have cases of helping clients improve lead conversion by over 108%, converting people who had already done the hard work of getting down the funnel, but otherwise got distracted or didn’t finish the job.

Intent-based channels:

Give them what they know they want

Intent-based channels like PPC and SEO are core – the consumer already knows they’re buying. How do we get more intelligent about these more mature channels? Intelligence, integration and iteration. Having detailed comparative data sets across channels to see what is working is an element Latitude calls Enterprise IQ. Integration includes using social media and conversion analytics to make SEO an even higher ROI performer. Finally, the degree of iteration possible with leading-edge tools for PPC is impressive.

Intelligent awareness channels:

More data and iteration

Compelling creative branding is still critical for success, but the science of iterating messaging and images on Facebook and Google Display Network and the use of tools like Struq and Mediaplex to re-target high-propensity customers multiplies that impact.
For data-focused firms like Latitude, the richness of detail we have on the target consumers for display, video and audio has enabled a quantum leap.

Mobile and location:

An additional dimension

Where do mobile and location fit into the picture? The answer is: throughout. Mobile spend and use is growing at around 30% per quarter for us at Latitude. Our analysis shows that because many advertisers are not mobile-ready, CPCs are lower than for full browsers.

Feedback loop:

Turn up the volume!

Now that we have optimised to get the buyers at the best cost, Enterprise IQ means going back for more. Never have companies and marketers had a better understanding of the customer base, now we’re pushing the feedback loop back upstream to improve each step of the system.

It also means going to the well with a clear view of who is buying in a given week and tapping databases to fill the funnel with new users via email and, yes, even post.

Exciting times. We hope that you are enjoying this intelligent integration of marketing – we certainly are.

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