Interactive SEARCH DATA

Once again the search engines take the greatest share of visits. Google, like last year, reigns supreme and its share has increased 0.85%. UK users are visiting the same sites as last year in the main, but of particular interest is the entrance into the top ten of MySpace and Bebo. And this year, Wanadoo’s new identity as Orange has not seen it decline hugely, although it slips one spot. Within the most popular search terms, those sectors that have traditionally driven online remain the most searched for. Travel and financial services dominate – but last month it was financial services that people searched for most. The fact that mortgage was the third most popular search terms is no doubt a reflection of rising interest rates, with consumers looking for a better deal on their existing package. It is interesting to note dating, food and poker feature nowhere this year. The online recruitment world has seen some interesting developments this month, as MySpace looks to enter the arena and Monster gears up for a European onslaught (MW May 3). Undoubtedly online recruitment advertising is growing. But which types of jobs are being advertised and where is the most interest from recruitment advertisers? Despite the technological nature of the Web, IT jobs sit in tenth place, but nonetheless show a 17% increase year on year. However, the sectors that have seen the most increase are healthcare (45% rise), human resources (44%) and marketing and media (37%).




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