Interlotto embeds down in UK

The InterLotto site is currently being promoted at the “UK National Lottery” site operated by Merseyside-based Richard Lloyd. The site, though giving information about the UK’s National Lottery operated by Camelot, directs visitors to gambling on the Liechtenstein lottery site.

A spokesman for Camelot, which has no plans to launch Internet-based services to UK gamblers, says there is little the company can do about promotion of the rival Internet lottery on the “UK National Lottery” site, unless the site operator uses its copyright logo.

The Web address of the “UK National Lottery” site is quite different from Camelot’s National Lottery Website. But the site appears to be using embedding techniques to put itself at the top of lists generated by requests for information on the UK National Lottery on major search engines.

Tucker says he is not aware of any complaint from Camelot concerning Lloyd’s “UK National Lottery” site being used to direct British consumers to the Liechtenstein-based lottery.

He confirms that InterLotto rebates five per cent of revenue from new players introduced by Websites back to their operators as commission. “How he [Lloyd] does this is his business.”


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