Interlotto seeks agency for 10m online launch

Interlotto, the gaming company run by Lord Mancroft, is to seek an agency for the 10m launch of a new range of online lottery games.

The company was awarded a lottery manager’s licence last month, and last week, it announced a deal with leisure company Crown Leisure to raise investment to install terminals for the games and pay for marketing.

Lord Mancroft says Interlotto has begun searching for a marketing consultancy to help it plan a strategy for the launch, which is scheduled for this autumn. The consultancy will be briefed to hunt for an advertising agency.

He says: “We have already talked to marketing consultancies. We will begin with three games, starting small and getting bigger.”

One of the games is a version of Keno, a form of video bingo popular in the United States. It is played in pubs, betting shops and leisure centres.

Lord Mancroft is attempting to play down the controversy surrounding the game, which is seen as being highly addictive.

So far, Crown is committed to raising up to 3m for the launch, though it is understood that this figure will increase as the games are gradually introduced to more outlets.

The biggest part of the expenditure will be on equipment, but Lord Mancroft says the advertising budget will be “considerable”.


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