Internal comms that engage

When it comes to internal communications (’The vital connection between staff and the bottom line’, MW 10 November), social media and the intranet need to be balanced alongside other communication channels. In the same way, it is important to look at the balance of control. As Aviva’s Christy Stewart-Smith says, an internal communications strategy needs to share similarities with external communications and recognise the limits of control. This empowers the individual to be in charge of the message, in turn creating a free flow of two-way communication, allowing people to feed in their views.

Organisations can also ensure employees take responsibility for the communication by giving them the opportunity and tools to work out the information for themselves, such as by providing a link to another area with further instructions. By engaging in the communication in this way, they absorb more of the message.

Gail Franks, managing director, Summersault Communications


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