Internal DM generates ROI


The very notion of spending money on employing direct marketing techniques to engage staff would have been alien to most companies a decade ago. As competition in most sectors becomes increasingly fierce, companies are recognising that it is essential that staff become their biggest brand ambassadors.

As illustrated in length in this week’s marvellous Marketing Week cover feature, companies are ramping up communication efforts through direct channels such as email, social media, mailings, seminars and focus groups.

The primary motivation is to engender understanding of the company’s objectives and aims in order to create willing partners and even more willing brand ambassadors.

Just the sort of woolly, unquantifiable end game that usually leads to apoplexy from direct marketers whose eyes are permanently fixed on the bottom line.

High street behemoth Boots, however, has boldly put a number on its own staff engagement drive. The retailer claims that it can correlate a 1.5% increase in like for like sales for every 5% improvement in customer care.

Now that is language that any direct marketer can understand. Investment in internal marketing leads to happier, more motivated staff, and increased revenue.

Recognition for contribution is another way to ensure that staff are happy. Awards in particular are a fantastic way of measuring success.

Direct marketers and campaigns that they create deserve recognition. If you agree, and how could you not, then make sure you enter the Marketing Week Engage Awards 2012. If you have produced a DM campaign that is creative and has delivered enviable returns then be sure to enter.



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