Internet telco launches in-call ad platform

Jajah, the internet telecoms company, has announced plans to launch an in-call advertising platform that aims to advertise to consumers using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone calls. 

The platform will overlay advertising on ringtones and will receive a monthly credit for opting-in. It adds that users will also earn back credit or even make money while talking.

Jajah co-founder Roman Scharf says its test have shown that its method overlays advertising content on phone calls that consumers “find acceptable”. He adds: “Consumers get a better deal and telecommunications companies monetise their inventory.”

Scharf adds: “We spend more time on the phone than consuming all other types of media, TV, reading papers and radio included. However, advertisers spend very little budget advertising on telephone calls – phones haven’t been considered as a viable channel yet. We are going to change that.”

Jajah says that existing in-call advertising models normally interrupt a call and disturb the caller, while its proposition overlays messages above the ring tone before the call starts.


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