Investment managers failing to get personal

Although 79 per cent of investment management firms say they have the capability to personalise communications, only 25 per cent are doing so.

This is despite the fact that 63 per cent believe personalisation and tailored communications build loyalty and improve satisfaction, compared to just 13 per cent who saw no benefit.

In a study carried out by GI Direct, it also emerged that the majority (58 per cent) are not using investor statements as an opportunity to engage with clients. Tailored information and cross-selling messages are not being included by this group.

By contrast, 42 per cent have recognised the value of the investor statement as a valuable communication tool. Yet half say it is only somewhat useful and 8 per cent treat statements as a purely regulatory communication they have to carry out to be compliant.

Patrick Headley, sales director, GI Direct says: “Evidently some investment management companies have already realised the potential of investor statements to communicate with their investors on a personal level and provide them with information specific to their needs. This gives these firms a clear advantage over their competitors who, by not tailoring their investor communications, are throwing away the opportunity to strengthen client relationships and build customer loyalty.”


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