iPad and Facebook will end Google’s dominance

Google’s online dominance could be drawing to an end, warn analysts, as the Apple iPad goes on-sale in the UK.

Technology and media analyst, Richard Holway, speaking yesterday at a presentation hosted by Affiliate Window, says that Google will be superseded by apps for devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Facebook.

He says apps and Facebook will block out Google because they subvert using Google’s sponsored search by going directly to brands and media owners.

It comes as Apple overtakes rival Microsoft in market value. Apple is now valued at £153bn while Microsoft is valued at £151bn.

Affiliate Window managing director Mark Walters, says the launch of the iPad marks a “changing point” and will change the way consumers interact with digital media.

He adds that because “everybody feels as though it’s aimed at them” brand owners across every sector should be looking at how they can use the iPad to offer consumers a service.

Media publishers have said that the challenge they face is how to monetise apps for iPhone and iPad.

Holway says that as the model has changed, publishers must change with it.

He adds: “What happened to the music industry with iPod and MP3 players is now happening to publishing. Media publishers need to find a new model, because advertising and subscriptions wont work.”

Wired magazine editor David Rowan, who is also speaking at Marketing Week Live on the centre stage (29 – 30 June), agrees.

“Advertising is on the way out,” he adds. He believes advertising to consumers is being replaced by engagement through apps and social networks such as Facebook.



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