IPC hires producer to beef up masthead programming

Consumer publishing house IPC is planning to have up to three masthead TV programmes in production by the end of the year and has brought in freelance producer Nick Ryle in the new role as head of TV development.

The appointment comes after the announcement in April that the ITC would allow magazine publishers terrestrial access to masthead programmes. Ryle, who developed his own TV and video production company, was executive producer for IPC’s NME Brat Shows and Awards for Channel 4.

He says: “By the end of the year we would like to have a few programmes in production and we would hope to have two or three deals in the pipeline.”

Ryle will report to Colin Reeves-Smith, managing director of IPC’s international and business enterprises division.

IPC’s seven-strong women’s weeklies portfolio has been tipped as a probable target for masthead TV, as well as the quality monthly Marie Claire and lads magazine Loaded, which has already announced plans for several brand extensions such as condoms and a beer.

Masthead programmes are seen as promising brand extensions because they can draw on magazine’s existing editorial expertise. However, insiders fear that a title’s readership could be eroded if the programme is unable to live up to readers’ expectations.


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