IPC links with NI for interiors supplement

IPC’s Ideal Home and News International’s The Times have joined forces for the first time to create a branded interiors supplement which will appear in The Times newspaper next week.

The supplement, entitled “Transform your home for spring”, is a 32-page special, written and compiled by the Ideal Home editorial team in conjunction with Vinnie Lee, interiors editor of The Times Magazine.

The idea behind the partnership is to expand both publications’ databases, win new readers and create added value for them through promotional tie-ins.

The Times will be supporting the supplement with advertising on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

An advertising campaign will also appear in The Times and The Sunday Times at the end of this week.

Isobel McKenzie-Price, editor-in-chief of Ideal Home, says: “Times readers are the perfect potential audience for the magazine, following its repositioning at the heart of the home interest market.”

The supplement includes material from the magazine’s April issue as well as exclusive content tailored to Times’ readers. The supplement will also offer a 35 per cent subscription offer for Times readers plus a voucher offering 50p off the April issue of Ideal Home.


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