iPhone 4 sales reach 1.7m in three days

The iPhone 4 is Apple’s most successful ever launch, according to CEO Steve Jobs, after sales hit 1.7m three days after entering the global market.

The success of the phone comes despite reported design faults. The antenna on the exterior of the device causes reception problems when the device is held in certain positions, according to reports.

“This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history,” said Jobs, however.

Demand for the device has been so strong that both Apple and mobile retail outlets have had to manage consumer expectations of the device.

The iPhone 4 was the first version of the device to launch simultaneously on all UK mobile operator networks.

It comes with the latest Apple operating system, iOS4, which allows device users to operate several apps at once and features Apple’s new mobile ad platform iAd.

This story first appeared on newmediaage.co.uk


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