iPhone may be ‘cool’ but 43% remain unimpressed

Apple iPhone’s ascendance on the CoolBrands ladder has seen it take the number one spot in the survey for the first time but the result has polarised opinion, according to Marketingweek.co.uk’s latest poll.

When asked if they thought the iPhone was worthy of topping the CoolBrands list, 50% answered “yes”, while 42.8% said “no”.

The iPhone’s victory comes in a year when Apple occupies three of the top five spots. The iPhone knocked Aston Martin from its three-year stint at the top. Apple the company came in third place and its iPod brand came in fourth.

Mobile operators are banking on the iPhone’s popularity, with both Orange and Vodafone announcing that the handset will soon be available to their customers, ending O2’s exclusive contract with Apple.


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