Irn-Bru calls on Brazilians to help Scotland qualify for the 2034 World Cup

Soft drink brand Irn-Bru is looking to boost Scotland’s chances of qualifying for future World Cup tournaments by launching a campaign calling on Brazilian men and women to help “create the next generation of Scottish football legends”.

The multimedia “Bruzil” campaign calls on Scots and Brazilians to “get together” to enhance “the Scottish footballing gene pool” in time to qualify for the 2034 World Cup.

Scotland has failed to qualify for the World Cup since 1998 while Brazil has won the tournament five times.

Posters will launch in Rio this week appealing to single Brazilian men and women to consider a Scottish mate. A series of viral films promoting the cause will run on the Barr-owned soft drink’s website.

Scottish football legend Archie Gemmill will act as an ambassador for the campaign.

The campaign was created by Leith.

Irn-Bru launched a television campaign in April featuring a cast of animated animals dancing through country lanes and villages.



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