Irn Bru ‘streakers’ ad rapped over scheduling

Scottish soft drinks company AG Barr has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for showing a group of streakers in a television ad for Irn Bru during a Saturday morning children’s programme.

The advertisement, which features a policeman invading a football pitch being pursued by a group of streakers before being wrestled to the ground, was shown during ITV1 chart music programme CD:UK. The ASA has ruled that the ad, created by The Leith Agency, is unsuitable for broadcast during the show.

ITV argues that though the ad has been given an “ex-children’s restriction” by the Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) – meaning that it cannot be shown around children’s programmes – CD:UK is not a children’s programme. The chart show, it says, is categorised as a “youth” programme.

Ofcom has ruled that CD:UK is a children’s programme and that “youth” is not a category currently used in its classification system.

Ofcom banned another television ad for the soft drinks brand last year, which showed a mother playing the piano and singing a song which included the line “… even though I used to be a man.” The ad triggered complaints from transsexuals.

The ASA, however, has not upheld a complaint saying the Irn Bru ad is unsuitable for broadcast before the 9pm watershed.

A Peugeot TV ad showing a father forcing his young son to rob a bank at gunpoint has received 30 complaints so far. The ASA is investigating the complaints. The campaign, for the 206 Sports model, was created by Euro RSCG London.


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