Irn-Bru unveils £3m TV campaign

Irn-Bru has launched a 60 second television advert in Scotland in order to ramp up its appeal to customers.

Irn-Bru TV campaign
Irn-Bru TV campaign

The ad features the Irn-Bru ’Pied Piper’, along with a cast of animated animals dancing through country lanes and villages and demonstrating that they are devoted to him after taking a swig of the soft drink.

Marketing director Adrian Troy says, “It uses a compelling mix of live and animated action, and is a return to the classic and maverick Irn-Bru advertising that has brought the brand such iconic status over the years.”

The campaign will be broadcast both on TV and cinemas across Scotland for nine weeks and has been created by The Leith Agency.

As part of its new campaign, Irn-Bru has also given customers the chance to download the music from the ad as a free ringtone for mobile phone users.

Irn-Bru achieved a 5% growth in sales value in 2009, down on 10% in 2008 (Nielsen). Owner AG Barr reported a 20.8%rise in full year pre-tax profits last month.


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