‘Irresponsible’ Lambrini Big Night In ad banned

A TV ad for sparkling wine brand Lambrini has been ruled “irresponsible” by the advertising watchdog which said its “Big Night In” messaging could suggest alcohol was the key component to the success of a party.

Video: 2014 Lambrini TV ad banned by ASA


The ad featured women getting ready for a house party, one pouring herself a glass of Lambrini in-between putting on makeup and laughing in the kitchen. Subsequent scenes showed more women arriving to join in the fun, taking pictures, dancing to the 1980s Tiffany track “I think we’re alone now” and pouring Lambrini. The spot featured the voiceover “Make It a Lambrini Big Night In”.

Lambrini owner Halewood said none of the characters were shown drinking throughout the ad, meaning there was no suggestion that the product was contributing to the success of the occasion – nor any suggestion that anyone not drinking Lambrini was not enjoying themselves.

Broadcast clearing body Clearcast added the tagline “Lambrini Big Night In” did not suggest there was a requirement to drink alcohol as part of the occasion because the ad had shown many characters not drinking throughout the ad.

The Advertising Standards Authority noted the ad included eight shots of the Lambrini bottle, two of which showed the drink being poured into large glasses and the last three shots showed four different women holding those glasses. The watchdog said this gave the impression a “significant” amount of Lambrini was being consumed during the party.

The ASA also said the “Lambrini Big Night In” slogan further suggested Lambrini was a central part of the success to the evening and concluded the ad was irresponsible.

The ad also drew a separate complaint challenging whether the ad portrayed alcohol as capable of changing mood and behaviour, but the ASA concluded the spot was not irresponsible on this point as it did not depict any character’s enjoyment enhanced as a result of drinking the perry drink.