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  1. Steve Jex 17 Aug 2016

    It’s easy to monitor brand engagement but a lot less simple to evaluate its worth. For example, unless your monitoring procedures enable you to establish the sentiment of the awareness, i.e. is the person mentioning your brand doing so in a positive or negative way? You may choose to give more wieght to your brand being mentioned as a product that can solve a problem on a Q&A site such as Quora as the person making the recommendation is clearly “sold on” the product and therefore highly engaged.

  2. Allan Hassell 21 Aug 2016

    Did someone forget to mention radio? It’s one of our biggest drivers and people still feel a personal connection, which definitely engages people – just saying…
    Also is social media the best medium to conduct analysis of whether social media is the most engaging type of marketing?! That’s like asking the soft drinks industry to strongly promote that their sugar content is harmful…

  3. Richard Moore 22 Aug 2016

    If brand engagement is the outcome that marketers need then consideration should be given to experiential and live events as effective “channels”. Alter Agency recently ran an experiential campaign for a tech brand that resulted in a five-fold increase in sales of a particular SKU…now that is seductive data!

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