ISBA Conference: ISBA president welcomes extension of CAP Code online

Molson Coors CEO and ISBA president Mark Hunter has praised online regulation improvements following proposals to expand the CAP Code online.

Speaking at the ISBA Annual Conference 2010, he said there had been “significant progress” in the self-regulation of online advertising.

Hunter praised the Advertising Association’s proposals to expand the CAP Code to include advertisers’ own websites and social media activity.

“Last year we put a strong emphasis for online to level the playing field by being covered in full by self-regulation,” he said. “There has been significant progress as online media owners have got off the bench and we now have the funding and support needed.”

Hunter also complimented progress made to create an online currency with the launch of both UKOM and Mobile Media Metrics, adding that advertisers “looked forward to using the tool and better integration”.

But Guy Parker, ASA CEO, also speaking at the conference, warned advertisers they had to be vigilant with the content of their websites once the CAP Code rules come into effect in September.

“They need to make sure all their people know what’s coming, that they know they’re accountable and they’ll have to use more stringent sign-off processes,” he said.

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