ISBA Conference: Tories call for partnership with marketers

A Conservative government would work in partnership with the advertising industry and would maintain the current self regulatory system, according to shadow culture minister Ed Vaizey.

Ed Vaizey
Ed Vaizey

Addressing delegates at the ISBA conference in London today (18 March), Vaizey says the self regulatory system administered by the Advertising Standards Authority is working well and there is no need to change it.

“Self regulation does work and is works particularly well in this country and in this industry,” he says.

Vaizey adds that the Conservative Party is not looking to regulate any industry and prefers to “encourage and nudge” to change behaviour.

On advertising and communications spending, Vaizey told delegates to expect a Conservative Government to be a “demanding client that wants value for money” if they win the May General Election.

The Tories have vowed to slash advertising and communications investment to 1997 levels if they win the next election and have repeatedly attacked what they see as Labour profligacy in this area.

Vaizey adds that although a Tory Government would continue to spend money on campaigns if there is a “compelling case”, how the Government communicates “will change”, highlighting shadow chancellor George Osborne’s commitment to move recruitment advertising online.

The shadow minister also moved to assure marketers that the Conservative response to the “emotive” issue of marketing to children would be considered.

“It is important we don’t put in place any knee jerk response,” he says.

Tory party leader David Cameron has recently called on marketers and broadcasters to “think about the messages that you’re putting out to our children” and slammed what he called the “offensive marketing tactics” used by some companies.


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