ISBA stands up for ambient media

The advertising industry is being urged to prepare for a battle with heritage and environmental groups over the use of ambient and outdoor advertising as campaigners against both media take their case to Westminster.

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) is currently drawing up a response to the claims of pressure groups, led by the UK’s Civic Trust, which is understood to be lobbying the Government to take action against the increasing prevalence of outdoor and ambient advertising in cities and high streets.

ISBA says that by condemning outdoor and ambient ads, the protestors are ignoring the significant degree to which the industry can generate funds and benefits for the public sector.

“Ambient and other forms of outdoor advertising provide significant funds for local councils and property owners,” says Ian Twinn, ISBA’s director of public affairs.

He adds that ambient advertising can brighten up unsightly construction sites, empty buildings and wasteland, and provides useful and diverting information for consumers about products and services.

“It is disappointing to see this knee-jerk reaction against this growing sector, which clearly has so much to offer to businesses, consumers and the public interest.”

ISBA has produced a best-practice guide for outdoor advertising, which provides its members with advice on the responsible use of outdoor and ambient advertising.

The guide emphasises the need for advertisers to be clear about their legal position regarding certain new and innovative types of outdoor media, and to ensure they get permission from landlords before displaying ads on properties.


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