Israel skincare brand Dead Sea Labs plans UK debut

An Israeli cosmetics company, Dead Sea Laboratories is to make an entry into the UK market next year.

The company, which uses Bates in Germany, is understood to be looking for an advertising agency to launch its range of skincare products.

Dead Sea Laboratories claims to be the only cosmetics company to have the licence for “digging minerals out of the Dead Sea” to use in its skincare products.

The company’s Ahava Time Line, a range of wrinkle-preventing and skin-repairing facial cosmetics, is already available in the UK through independent distributors in Selfridges.

Dead Sea Laboratories business development manager Aliza Chevio says: “We are very serious about entering the UK market and will probably be talking to agencies to launch our products.” She adds that the company is still in discussions about its marketing plans for the UK.

The company’s subsidiary business, Ahava cosmetics, is also available in Germany. It appointed Bates International to handle its business last year.

Dead Sea Laboratories claims to be the leading body care cosmetics company in Israel, with a 13 per cent share of the cosmetics market, followed by Nivea.

The Dead Sea Laboratories manufactures a Dermud “mud-based” range of body products and also a Body Treatment line for those with sensitive and dry skins.


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