Israeli virtual signage outfit moves HQ to UK

Israel-based virtual signage company Scidel has become the first company of its kind to set up European headquarters in London.

Virtual signage is a new technology that allows advertising to be added electronically to TV coverage of events, making it appear as if an advertising hoarding is actually at the event instead of merely created on screen.

The office will be run by European vice-president Alon Avnon. The company is owned by software company Scitex.

Previously, the European head office had been based in Belgium, but Avnon says: “Most of the important people in the sports industry are in London or Switzerland. We thought it best to relocate.”

The company says it is in secret talks with a number of UK sports bodies about using this technology. Alon says these type of ads are usually charged at spot ad rate, rather than as hoardings.

In the past, Scidel has placed ads in events like the Toshiba Tennis Classic in the US or the Toray Women’s Tennis in Japan. Companies that have used the technology include Toyota, Toshiba and Canadian software company Corel.

A number of top football clubs in continental Europe plan to use the technology in pre-season games over the coming weeks.

The two other big players in this sector, Syna Vision and Princeton Video Imaging, maintain their respective bases in France and the US.


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