01 April 2010

Focus on the message not the vehicle

Your recent Innovation in Direct Marketing report (MW 18 March) highlighted that personalisation in traditional offline media is playing catch-up with its online counterpart.

Brands claim victory from Google blow

I think it’s too clear-cut to say the ruling is “a blow for brands” (MW 25 March). Instead I expect that parties reacting to this news will fall into three distinct camps; those who see it as a threat to their business model, those who will not feel any impact at all and those who see it as an opportunity.

Conversion can fulfil the public’s appetite for 3D


Ray Snoddy’s article on 3D TV (MW 18 March) raised some very interesting points. Standards and lack of content are certainly problems but as Ray states, issues with standards tend to get sorted out over time – it’s the lack of content that’s an immediate issue.

Out of the PoS Woods


Last week’s article (“Sponsors welcome Tiger Woods’ return, MarketingWeek.co.uk 17 March’) pondered Tiger’s return to the course. His sponsors have generally stood by their man – noise-lovers such as Nike are unlikely to worry about further media interest. But the question for some sponsors must be his impact – for richer or poorer – at the point of sale.

Travel should turn online to its advantage

Your Trends article focusing on the 55-plus age group and their interaction with travel brands (MW 25 March) was thought provoking. The smartest brands are those that monitor or even repurpose user generated content, and ensure they take heed and respond.

Stuart Smith on COI

First there was the unfortunate reminder that public information advertising expenditure has soared to pole position in the past year, comfortably ahead of Procter & Gamble’s.

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