01 September 2011

Agencies play musical chairs

No less than three agency partners advised me of changes to their account teams this week. Only time will tell if their ever-changing teams will finally bed down and settle for long enough to conceive, create and indeed analyse the results of a particular campaign before shooting off to their next assignment. We are often […]

You can’t reposition a leopard’s spots


There were two ways that the oppressive regime of Muammar Gaddafi could have ended. In one scenario, he would be toppled by an uprising of his own people and forced to scuttle off into the night through his secret labyrinth of tunnels to an uncertain and unlikely future. In another, he would change his reputation […]

Written word speaks volumes for the brand


New research suggests that ’likes’ and clicking links online are not enough to ensure long-term sales. Brands need to get people typing comments and more involved with content if they are to turn them into customers. The consumers who most actively use branded social media content are the ones most likely to maintain a relationship […]

Constant communication takes marketers down a beta channel


The ability to measure consumer behaviour online has made the process of marketing more important than the actual campaign. The history of the internet is one of unintended consequences. The “network of networks” was never intended for commercial use, but has its roots in academics sharing information and the military’s desire to build a robust […]

Changing rooms are alien territory to me


Mrs Choueke loves to shop. It doesn’t seem to matter what she is aiming to buy or how, she’s a natural. She’s amazing at finding the perfect gift, instinctive with impulse buys (cleverly filling our flat with stuff I didn’t even know we needed) and is a tireless strategist when planning a major purchase for […]

What of brand value?


While I respect Wally Olins’ fundamental point that brands cannot be objectively measured (MW last week), I worry it takes us back to the days when we couldn’t provide clients with a realistic or objective perspective on brand value. In PR, we’ve spent years developing global measurement standards that can provide an objective reading of […]

Early days for gamification

While some of the gamification ideas proposed by Betfair (MW last week) may improve customer engagement and retention on its website, in the current age of social media it could go even further to achieving its goal by encouraging collaboration between visitors. This mechanic appeals to the natural desire to work together and solve a […]

Video brings social media closer to the money shot


Brands such as HSBC, British Gas and BrandAlley had good news for marketers at this year’s Marketing Week 1-2-1 Digital Strategy Summit – evidence that video can help them glean real value from social media. I’m surprised and disappointed that nobody has yet cracked exactly how you demonstrate return from social media,” confessed Kraft head […]

Tis the season for christmas sales strategy


Consumers bemoan the fact that Christmas seems to come earlier each year. So do brands get any real benefit from getting out the holly and mistletoe before the barbeque sets have been put away? When two of the highest profile retailers in London announced in mid-July that they would shortly be opening their Christmas departments, […]

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