04 August 2011

Pink, frilly beer won’t tempt female drinkers

Fosters' campaign

Molson Coors’ bid to woo women with a ’feminine’ beer shows just how misguided and clumsy gender targeting can be. I may be a woman, but I seem to have lost my sweet, ladylike nature when it comes to female-focused marketing. With the drinks industry launching several campaigns this summer especially for the girls, I’ve […]

The only way is ethics


Brands that promote their ethical stance are more likely to attract and retain affluent consumers, according to new research seen exclusively by Marketing Week. Ethical consumers tend to be more affluent than average and are more likely to favour brands that they believe share their green values, according to research by consultancy Goodbrand, seen exclusively […]

Brands must focus on mobile search


The future of search is certainly going mobile (MW 21 July). Research from Google shows that 79% of people use their smartphones while shopping and 70% use them while they are actually in a store. Projections suggest that mobile searches could outnumber desktop searches as early as 2013. However, most companies still send a desktop […]

Universities enrol for a marketing masterclass


To find out more about brands as education providers, click here Get the inside view from our Q&A with Exeter University’s marketing and communications director, here New opportunities are opening up for marketers as public, private and brand-backed vocational higher education providers call on their skills to help them generate additional income. The introduction of […]

University could be your Facebook friend for life

Imagine having to “buy” your best customers. This could soon be the case for higher education providers, warns Sir Steve Smith, the outgoing chairman of industry body Universities UK. Smith suggested last weekend that the brightest students will be like “gold dust” in an era where universities are charging tuition fees of up to £9000 […]

How multiple messages catch the mind’s eye


Marketers are using digital technology, customer insight and precision targeting techniques to get the maximum out of their point of sale activity. As this summer’s festival-goers peruse the menu at Burger King train station outlets while they wait to travel to a weekend of mud and music, they may not realise they are looking at […]

Culture of openness gets the thumbs up


It’s important to be popular. But in an era where marketers are aiming to turn their Facebook ’likes’ into hard cash, being seen as genuine and believable is more important than ever. This new ’affinity economy’ must be leveraged by brands, according to a new theory called Likeonomics. Rohit Bhargava, senior vice president in the […]

Why TV campaigns are key ingredient of marketing mix

The sweeping claims made in the first fast.MAP/Marketing Week Effectiveness Tracker (MW 21 July) are terrifying. The definition of ad effectiveness seems to be someone online claiming they went into a store and bought a product after being exposed to communication of some sort. It also seems to confuse recall with effectiveness. Claimed research has […]

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