The Secret Marketer: AV-style marketing has ruined decision-making

On Thursday this week I shall be a few minutes late for work, having first stopped by at my local polling station to vote ’No’ to the Alternative Vote system. As far as I am concerned, the principles of AV are akin to the kind of tedious decision-making that has long since prevailed in multinational […]

Mark Ritson: Conjuring up luxury takes magic and time

To Shanghai for the third Annual Prestige Brands Conference where your humble columnist was one of the keynote speakers. The event was hosted by CEIBS, the region’s biggest and most renowned business school, and the guest list featured senior speakers from some of Europe’s more prestigious luxury brands. From Hermès to Hublot – the guest list was stellar.

Marketing Week Live!


Marketing Week Live returns on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th June 2011 with the world’s biggest brands showcasing their most innovative and effective marketing case studies.

The best form of innovation is simply doing things better


The story of how Edward Stobart grew his father’s haulage business is a perfect demonstration of how to develop a brand. Two events in the past month – one tragic, the other rather more welcome – prompted me to think again about the nature of innovation. The first event was the death, at the age […]

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