05 November 2009

Consumer at the centre of Philips philosophy

Geert van Kuyck

Such fundamental changes have been taking place in the marketing function of global electronics business Philips that its Sense and Simplicity brand strategy is now more than a tagline, says its chief marketer.

HMV plugs the retail gap


While others in its sector were forced off the high street, music retailer HMV has found a way to turn around its marketing model based on the premise of ‘getting closer’ to performers.

Banking’s shake-up creates opportunity

The banking world is reeling (again). European Union bods have demanded the break-up of RBS and Lloyds, with both forced to sell off prized brands to alleviate competition concerns. The Government is adding another £40bn worth of taxpayers’ capital to the balance sheets of our “nationalised” banks. HSBC is losing 1,700 UK jobs.

Harrison lives in his own virtual world

Andrew Harrison is talking (foot)balls (MW 22 October). First, he asserts that internet start-ups are valued on the basis of registered users, not paying customers. In fact, they’re valued on the same basis as all other companies – profit and expectation of future profit. It’s the same logic that allows an unprofitable radio station still […]

‘Tis the season to be integrated

The threat of ongoing postal strikes could not have come at a worse time as marketers begin their seasonal postal campaigns. Delayed post means unhappy customers, means campaigns deliver half the ROI they normally would. Businesses not only lose money, but they seriously damage their reputation with customers. To keep customers happy and businesses in […]

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