06 October 2011

The Secret Marketer mulls multibrand campaigns

You can understand why large corporates are obsessed with bringing together their brands for consumer-facing activity. With only so much budget to go round, why not pool together resources and see if greater synergies can be achieved via a multibrand template? Better still, the sales team can focus on executing fewer, bigger, better or whatever […]

Is your brand a data have or have-not? Time will tell you

Timeliness is becoming the determining factor for online success, but the data systems required to achieve it are creating a digital divide. Data is the great obsession of interactive marketing. At first, unprecedented measurability was the great claim of internet advertising. More recently battles have been fought over how much data people are prepared to […]

The brands that run rings around their rivals


This year’s list of the top 100 brands for customer experience, shown exclusively to Marketing Week by Nunwood, highlights the rise of smart consumer and smart retailer. Great customer service is the ultimate brand experience. Consumers on the receiving end of a positive retail experience may spend more than they intend, come back for more […]

Costa’s story has killer insight for every brand


Customer service is something of a theme in this issue. There’s a dedicated feature and there are masses of tips in our retail peer panel for anyone looking to give their customers a bit of extra value. But I want to talk coffee. I’m a regular in a branch of Costa near Oxford Circus. I […]

Agencies play integral part in successful rebranding exercise

Laura Snoad’s article about rebranding (MW last week) rightly points out the importance of gaining support from staff, stakeholders and audiences along the transition trajectory, but what about the need to involve the agencies more closely? Agencies must be given the opportunity to get under the skin of the brand, otherwise you will end up […]

Retail websites need to use personalisation technology

The latest ’personalisation’ technology available to retail websites can make a real difference to online revenues, helping marketers to engage with customers on a one-to-one basis, boosting sales and customer loyalty. Those marketers that get in ahead of the wave to automatically create engaging, targeted product and service recommendations based on real, multichannel customer behaviour […]

But why are brands useful?

The research cited by Richard Madden (MW 22 September) is as useful as a chocolate teapot. Certain brands are “useful”? No sh*t Sherlock. This is as helpful as research that says a certain brand is cool, likeable, desirable or trustworthy. So what? The key issue is why. What are the neuro-psychological drivers that lie beneath […]

Keep premium inventory out of bidding war

I disagree with the view that publishers should increasingly trust real-time bidding and deliver more premium inventory through RTB suppliers (Digital Strategy, 15 September). Currently, RTB is an efficient means for liquidating remnant inventory, but it has not yet proved itself to be effective at selling premium inventory. In other words, RTB suppliers will undervalue […]

Costa’s £10m tongue


Costa Coffee, the Marketing Week Engage Awards Brand of the Year 2011, gives Ruth Mortimer exclusive behind-the-scenes access to how research fuels its rapidly expanding global operation.

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