07 April 2011

Driving home the benefits of green wheels


The potential for hybrid and electric cars is significant with 1 million predicted to be on UK roads by 2020. But brands are not explaining their benefits clearly enough, and purchase prices need to be reduced. The UK is proving a promising market for manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles, but their penetration remains low […]

The Secret Marketer takes it back to basics

A friend of mine runs her own business. She used to have a big job in the City, then had two kids and has now decided to use the proceeds from her maternity leave and subsequent settlement package to start her own business. She is founder, managing director and assistant brand manager all rolled into […]

web comments WHAT YOU SAID

Passion for fashionistasMark Choueke’s leader about Diet Coke being the victim of “meddling” marketers that should leave well alone generatedsignificant debate (www.marketingweek.co.uk/DietCokeMeddling): I have to agree with Mark that the connection between Diet Coke and fashionistas seems a bit off. Is it going after only the short-term gain at the expense of long-term brand value? […]

Brands that ignore social risk slap in the Facebook

Facebook: Knows power of the

The overturning of ING’s bonuses policy after Dutch customers mobilised through social media shows what can happen when a company isn’t in tune with its audience. Moreover, it shows that social media isn’t just some fuzzy concept about having ’a chat’ with your consumers in the hope of casually influencing their thinking and behaviour, but […]

Beware of the blues

Osborne: Society feeling pinch

In the wake of George Osborne’s budget announcement, all parts of society are feeling the pinch. The budget seems to hit middle-class consumers the hardest, with average income likely to fall by more than £1,500 this year – unfortunate news for marketers who target higher earners in the hope that they will spend more. In […]

Smoothing the journey when going abroad


With gloomy economic forecasts for the UK, many retailers are looking for growth in emerging markets such as Russia, Germany and China. In his latest Budget, chancellor George Osborne admitted that, while the UK economy was no longer shrinking and therefore not recessionary, he had downgraded its growth prospects from 2.1% to 1.7%. With this […]

The beat goes on and strong in Liverpool

Life. Styled: Brand campaign launched last Christmas

Liverpool benefited from extra investment when it was named European Capital of Culture in 2008 but how is it faring now? Michael Barnett looks at how its central district, branded as Liverpool One, is helping continue the city’s success. Shopping centre brands have seen a surge in recent years, with the advent of the Bullring […]

Murdoch’s move opens the door for BSkyB’s Darroch

stuart smith

With the Murdochs’ takeover of BSkyB looking like a formality, the big question is who will run the new acquisition? When News Corporation announced last week that James, son of Rupert Murdoch, was to take up new, enlarged responsibilities running the global media organisation from the US, much attention rightly fastened on the dynastic succession […]

Digital opens new doors of opportunity


Spring has brought plenty of innovative thinking into the world of media. There are two examples this week where it appears that traditional media owners are ready to collaborate with their direct competitors in order to raise interest in their offering to advertisers. We report in this week’s magazine that newspapers are looking to provide […]

When it comes to social media, Coke is it!


The ’cola wars’ between Coca-Cola and Pepsi are arguably the longest running competitive battle in the history of branding. I have been teaching case studies on these wars to MBA students for more than a decade because, aside from it involving two of the world’s biggest brands, they also illustrate many of the key aspects […]

Heading East?


Click here for Nick Thomas executive director at the China Britain Business Council’s viewpoint Click here for a Q&A with Catherine Peng corporate communications director at Bosch China The eyes of the business world are fixed on China right now, as the proverbial sleeping giant begins to fulfil its prophecy of taking the world by […]

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