08 October 2009

Price-cutting offers are best used sparingly

I would like to correct one misunderstanding in your coverage of our recent research with the Advertising Association on consumer attitudes to promotions (MW last week). Far from defending BOGOFs (buy one get one free) and similar price-based promotions, as the piece implied, we strongly advise marketers to use them only when appropriate.

Window dressing…

Your article ‘Shaping the Destination’ (MW 24 September) revealed how marketers are giving destinations a distinctive personality to boost tourism. In Sheffield we have found success using a similar approach.

Agents of change

M&As are back on the agenda, and the frontline force for brands – marketers – have the hard task of fusing clashing cultures and forging new brand allegiances. But with skill, this tricky process can become a rewarding experience.

Take the road less travelled

Your feature raised a notable point about destination marketing, namely: avoid the clichés, find your stories and tell them creatively and powerfully.

…may lead to the true heart of a destination and brand

Aligning a destination and a brand in a promotional campaign is another way for a destination to position itself and showcase what it has to offer. As the feature pointed out, all too often a destination is pigeonholed and it is hard change that perception.

Fat tax will hit diabetics too

If a ‘fat tax’ is placed on soft drinks (MW last week) then people like me – Type 1 diabetics – will have to pay to recover from hypoglycaemia.

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